About us

Driven by years of experience in video surveillance, security installations and video analytics, Roy van Leeuwen gathered knowledge and expertise in the application of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Vision. Initiator Roy is the face and voice of 2fifty5 and he is working with a dedicated team of top specialists. Thanks to a beautifully built network of vendors and partners, 2fifty5 has grown into the best knowledge center for consultancy, services and products in the field of Computer Vision.

True colors

2fifty5 (255) is the highest color intensity from the Red-Green-Blue color scheme. This describes the intensity of our work, the necessity of our existence and the way we help you.

These colors represent the colors of the jackets worn in the industries in which we operate.

The reason for our existence is our eye on the future and the beautiful high-end partnerships. With the conviction that we are your missing link and an extra set of eyes – with our unique security system we will help your organization in being safer and more effective.

Contact us for our expertise

You can contact us for consultancy and we will support you in understanding, analyzing and converting the system’s sensors from your cameras.

Trusted partnerships and coöperation

We believe in joining forces and intensive coöperation to provide the best services and products. Through trusted partnerships and coöperation with regular vendors and manufacturers, we can make the promise that you are always in good hands at 2fifty5.

We’ll give you the opportunity to sharpen your business objectives. We develop all AI applications in-house, meaning short lines of communication and an efficient consultation structure during the process.

This is how we work

  • Analysis – Problem Inventory
  • Quotation – Quotation supplies to solve your request
  • Implementation – Install software and hardware
  • Aftercare – Training in Computer Vision and assistance with processes

Call to Action

Advice, development and integration in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We are open to your data challenge.