Smoke, fire and heat are leading in RedCoat applications.
The RedCoat category is based on the red coats of band firefighters and on the color of rescuewear worn by emergency responders. RedCoat solutions stand for:

  • Smoke detection inside and outsid
  • Fire and flame detection inside and outside
  • Thermal alarm filtering for thermal alarm verification

RedCoat – IAF ( Irrelevant Alarm Filtering )

With thermal cameras and detection from the sensor, alarms can sometimes be triggered by heat sources that are always present in the environment where detection is to take place.

Together with our partners who manufacture Thermal cameras, a network has been trained that receives a thermal alarm, analyzing the thermal image along with the RGB image for irrelevant alarms such as forklifts, trucks unloading, heaters, etc.

RedCoat – IAF can be integrated into the existing system, or we can work with the Vendors to advise you on the best solution for you.

RedCoat – TR ( Thermal Radar Fire detection )

Given our intensive cooperation with Thermal Radar and our enthusiasm for this extraordinary product, we are also optimizing sensor analytics with REDCOAT.

Upon fire alarm detected by the Thermal Radar, the PTZ camera is sent. These are high quality PTZ cameras from our partners.

We analyze both the Thermal image and the RGB image for Flames or Smoke and forward this verified alarm to the control room and of course to the VMS.

RedCoat is available in the varieties:

– XS (2 channels)
– S (8 channels)
– M (16 channels)
– L (24 channels)

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