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2fifty5 (255) is the highest color intensity from the Red-Green-Blue color scheme. This describes the intensity of our work, the necessity of our existence and the way we help you. These colors represent the colors of the jackets worn in the industries in which we operate. The reason for our existence is our eye on the future and the beautiful high-end partnerships. With the conviction that we are your missing link and an extra set of eyes – with our unique applications we will help your organization in being safer and more effective.


By using Computer Vision, with solid raw AI material, we are a worthy addition with the right knowledge and skills. Sharpen your mission, vision and objectives through 2fifty5. Let us optimize your acquired image data. 2fifty5 is your point of contact and your supervisor at all times. We are the developers who know better than anyone how to convert data into the right actions. So, it’s not just about reading data; we won’t stop until we have analyzed all data which will rapidly lead to actions. Contact us and we’ll help you see what you haven’t seen before!

This is 2fifty5

2fifty5 is your partner when it comes to custom-made, open source AI applications. All developed in-house. With the use of Computer Vision technology, we help you to achieve your goals in a data generated world.

Our goal is to be of added value in solutions that automatically contextualize your high-quality video footage made by either your security camera or dedicated machine vision cameras. These megapixel images will broaden human vision and help you to do the right thing.

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Our partners

2fifty5 gives color and intensity to your security request through collaborations with a silver lining.

We partner with vendors, installers, and engineers, both domestically and globally.

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Advice, development and integration in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We are open to your data challenge.