Security, control and surveillance. The blue police coat symbolizes BlueCoat and everything in this sector.

  • Intrusion detection
  • Loitering / dwaaldetectie
  • Overcrowd detection
  • Anomally detection / abnormal behaviour
  • Distracted Driver detection (mobile phone, seat belt, ANPR)

Abnormal behavior detected

Intruders in the outdoor area, abnormal behavior at an ATM, suddenly running away from cars or from a crowd or art object are behaviors that can be detected with our BlueCoat.

Works completely brand independent and integrates into any security system or VMS. Relieves your control room with accurate notifications.

BlueCoat – DDD ( Distracted Driver Detection )

Fact: every year there are hundreds of casualties due to cell phone or social media use in traffic. The Netherlands Foundation for Scientific Traffic Safety Research (SWOV) has calculated that:

  • distraction from-or lack of attention to-traffic plays a significant role in 20 to 30 percent of accidents
  • about 600 victims (deaths and hospital injuries) in traffic each year are caused by talking on the phone while driving.


BlueCoat – DDD is a network trained on cameras that have a polarized filter so it can look through the windshield and detect if someone is wearing their belt and holding a cell phone. Through real-time privacy masking and GDPR compliancy, people who do not commit a violation will stay off the database and not be identifiable.

Choose from the following BlueCoat-options:

  • S (8 channels)
  • M (16 channels)
  • L (24 channels)

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