With concern for healthcare, this category is based on the familiar green color of the ambulance jacket. Safety can be ensured in the healthcare sector through the application of AI devices for Pose Estimation Technology, such as:

  • Fall Detection
  • Wander detection
  • Kneel detection

Safe environment through GreenCoat

Staff shortages and aging societies are driving the need for optimization of care. Through GreenCoat, we can quickly detect abnormal behavior in nursing homes and hospitals.

Workplace safety is priority No. 1. At a construction site, someone may trip over construction materials, or other accidents may happen such as persons becoming unwell. The same goes for stores without staff or on the streetcar or bus.

Through GreenCoat, we can detect early if someone needs help. By giving context to the situation, we can report abnormal behaviors to emergency services or security managers.

GreenCoat is available for:

  • S (8 channels)
  • M (16 channels)
  • L (24 channels)

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